Rather than do my usual trick of posting an overwhelming 30 photos in one post, I thought I’d be kind and break them up a little.  I’ve been busy making cards on and off for about three weeks, maybe a bit longer.  Last year was my first year of making my own, I trawled the internet looking for inspiration and came up with a couple of basic designs myself.  I made individual cards, each one was different.  But to be honest I found that a little stressful (I was still making them on the last posting day for the US and then chased the post van down the road so I could get them in the mail!), not to mention very time consming and as I was learning what to do I ended up wasting quite a few supplies and having to throw away the odd card here are there because I dropped an ink pad or something stupid.  This year, encouraged by A, I tried a new technique, that of the production line!  Instead of making individual cards I’ve made a minimum of three of each design which has allowed me to produce them quicker.  I do all the cuts at one time, stamp, heat emboss, cut ribbon, place embellisments and then assemble.  Much quicker.

Here’s the first set, I call it Auld Lang Syne.  There’s six of these, 2 each of three backing papers which all have a tree theme, with different coloured ribbons, but the main embellishments of the tree and the computer generated sentiment with inked edges are common to all, so they were super easy to put together.  I really like these.