I discovered last year, the first time I made my Christmas cards, that the types of cards that really stood out to me were the plainer ones.  These were the cards that I would like to receive if anyone was sending me homemade cards.  I’m not sure what it is about them, the starkness perhaps, the simplicity involved in making them, I don’t know, but I was quite surprised by my choice as I love to buy all the bits and bobs and embellishments…. just ask my husband!

So, here’s my “plain” set of cards, I call them Merry and Bright, after the sentiment.  I used 6″ x 4″ white cards, covered them in glitter paper, punched either a hole or a square, closed the card and very carefully placed a bought paper snowflake in the centre of the hole so it was stuck on the inside of the card when the card is opened, but it shows through the aperture when the card is closed.  On a couple of them I also covered the inside  with Christmas paper from my stack.  I made the sentiment on the computer.  These cards were entirely of my own design, perhaps that’s also why I like them so much!

This one uses a glittered Christmas tree ornament and it’s suspended in the aperture.

The only deviation in this set  is this card, in the center, as I had only a very small amount of glitter paper to begin with, so I covered part of the bottom with printed snowflake paper and added a snowflake border.  I mounted the sentiment on the square of glitter paper cut from one of the other cards, so I made good use of the offcuts.  The only thing here is that I really should have made the printed snowflake paper cover more of the bottom of the card to balance it a bit better.

I’m also really hoping to get my tree finished this weekend too, so stay tuned for pictures of that