Just a little reveal for today.  I’d like to say that I’m teasing you, making you hold out for the big picture, so I can go “ta dah” and then sit back and bask in all the glory and back patting for coming up with such a stupendous tree this year.  I’d like to say that, but truth be told, and I do like to be truthful with you all, is that the photos just didn’t come out as I wanted them, and the poor tree looked bare and uninspired!!

But I like these two, very much.  My home dried oranges on their pretty, red gingham ribbon, threaded and hung on the tree by my lovely hubby.  I kid you not ladies, he sat one night this week with the tray of orange slices, cut ribbon to size and tied them up beautifully, I didn’t even have to ask!  He even cleverly positioned each and every one so that there is a tree light behind them.  Just look at how they glow!

Most of the colour this year is coming from these stunningly beautiful crimson red hydrangea blossoms.  I got them at Michaels Craft Store, $1.79 each (about 1.20 in pounds), there’s eleven I think, so they certainly didn’t break the bank.  I love they way they’re looking, little bits of gold glitter on the blooms here and there, and such a wonderfully rich colour.

So just a sneak peak for today.  You might see the whole thing later in the week, but for now I’m sworn to silence.  Tess is too, under duress of loosing her jaunty new red and white gingham seasonal bow and being attacked by giant pine cones in her sleep, no sir, she won’t tell.  You’ll just have to be patient and wait.

I did finally manage to get all of my cards written out too, the airmail ones are already in the post, the ones today were all the local or U.S. cards.  I made a few more too, and have made sure that I’ve got a couple left just in case there are any surprises in the post.  I hate that, a card turning up from someone you didn’t expect!

The weather has been vrey dire this weekend for us.  It warmed up quite a bit (3C degrees) and that brought rain, more tonight too as we will be above freezing again.  Dull, grey skies laden with moisture that should be snow but isn’t.  I blame the appalling weather and light conditions on my appalling Christmas tree photos today, well I mean, what else could it be????  Certainly not the photographers fault!