Just a quick post as I know you’re all dying to see the next set of Christmas cards!  These ones are bright to say the least, red and pink circles arranged in a wreath shape on plain card, green embossed holly leaves, green ribbon, red gems and rub on or sticky sentiments.  I’d like to say quick and easy, but the sticking of the circles together and then sticking them to the card, all with double sided tape, took F.O.R.E.V.E.R….  I mean, what is it about double sided tape that makes it impossible to work with?  No matter how well you stick the first side down it will take a good five minutes to peel off the matching side!  Every time!

There are only two cards here , there were more, but to add insult to injury, my wonderful hubby brought in a teapot of tea and then proceeded to splash all my newly made wreath cards (accidentally) with tea when he was pouring it out… and after I’d worked my fingers to the bone and bitten off every nail trying to get the stupid things stuck together!  So, I was left with only two!!  And no, these ones won’t be on the list for next year either, unless I want to start making them in June that is!