And snow it did!  We had a little storm come in last night which left us with 4″ of lovely, fresh, white snow.  There’s a bigger system developing though for Thursday night into Friday that they’re already warning us about.  It’s supposed to bring about 8″ of snow to the Northern Detroit suburbs, and snow mixing with sleet and freezing rain for us in the Southern Detroit suburbs, so it could be really messy.  I’m in the Southern part, so I’m already not looking forward to my drive to work and it’s only Wednesday!  I also heard on the radio that we’re also going to get more snow on Saturday.  I hope we have a White Christmas, I really do.  Last year we had snow on the ground for a couple of weeks and then it rained right before Christmas and washed it all away, I was mortified!

So, in honour of our (usually) snowy winters I made these wintery “Let It Snow” cards.  They were quite a bit of work and I love how they turned out, but I think I can improve upon them for next year, they need a bit more “oomph” I think!  I took 6″x4″ card blanks and centrally stuck on a 3″ piece of patterned paper.  On the top left I fixed a white snowflake brad, and bottom right I stamped and embossed in silver the “let it” part of a let it snow stamp.  I had earlier made cards with the words Joy and Noel where I’d replaced the letter O with a poinsettia sticker, and that gave me the idea to do this technique again in a different context, so I bought small glittered blue letters to spell out “snow”, only I again replaced the “o”, but this time with little blue snowflakes.  I then twisted together a couple of strands of blue/white embroidery thread and tied it around the card, adding a cute little white button to which I added little blue dots of ink and heat set them with my heat gun so they wouldn’t smudge.

Sorry the photos aren’t great, but the tree is now standing where the glass topped cafe table usually is and that’s where I took all the other card photos.  The light there is perfect as it has a set of patio doors right beside it.  I also had written these cards out and was about to put them in envelopes for posting when I remembered that I hadn’t taken a picture of them, so I had to do that quickly and as it was already dark that meant I had to use the flash.

I’ve been busy taking photos of my tree and some other homespun decorations that are now uploaded and ready to post, so look out for them in the next day or two.