NB:-  This post was meant to be yesterday’s, but with the impending snow storm bearing down on us I never got on the the internet at lunchtime.  Instead, my little group went out for lunch to say goodbye to one of our colleagues who is leaving.  So the snowstorm I mention in the last paragraph is upon us and I’m working from home today, as is most of the IT dept at work, one of the benefits of working in this department, as otherwise I wouldn’t get paid for a day!


Ahh, that’s better, it’s finally starting to look very warm. cozy and Christmassy around here, the tree is up the decorations are up, some gifts are wrapped and there’s snow on the ground.  So without further ado, I finally present pictures of my lovely tree taken two nights ago, since then, some more pressies have appeared under it, so it doesn’t look quite a bare as it did here.  Though of course, there won’t be huge piles of things for us this year as one of our presents lives in the garage!  I decided to drop the shiny gold tinsel and red and gold beads this year, I wanted something softer and more “homespun”, instead of something too shiny and bright.  Simpler I suppose.  I love how it turned out, I think it’s my bestest tree ever, though A thinks it should be a bit more sparkly.

There are other areas of my home all nicely decorated now.  The bakers rack in the entrance hall once again received all the offcuts from the Christmas tree, along with other bits and bobs so is looking very festive, I’ll take a photo at the weekend.  Also in the hall, the banister railings are all draped with greenery and lights again.

Every year we also decorate our fireplace in the family room, we keep it the same every year, fairly simple, but we love doing it, makes everything feel so much warmer and cozier.  There’s a lighted garland which A strings up, the two black Caribou cutouts are actually our stocking holders, but for now they’re holding rusty looking metal snowflakes.  The mantle is always reserved for the cards from our close family members from home, and we have two Father Christmases there as well.  The blue one on the right is a hand painted gourd we got from a craft show years ago, and the red one on the left was hand made in Mexico from papier mache, the detail is absolutely stunning, I’ll try and get a good close up at the weekend.  A brought this back from a business trip he had there a few years ago.  The two topiary balls either side of the fire were bought in an after Christmas sale, I keep meaning to add some red ribbon to their pots to brighten them up a bit, somehow I never seem to round to it!!

This little pot was one of the first decorations I made for our new house when we spent our first Christmas here 10 years ago.  At the time, all I had to hold it in was a plant pot and as much as I’d love to put it in something more keeping with the season I really haven’t the heart to pull it apart and attempt to remake it again!  Some ribbon on the pot would go a long way I would imagine, but again, it’s just never been done!

[Photo with flash]

[Photo without flash]

There are some other things scattered around that I might show you in another post, my dining room for example, with my home made center piece.  But that’s for another day.  Have you noticed anything?  Have you noticed how traditional I am?  I love all manner of colours normally, but for me, Christmas is all about red, green and gold.  Couldn’t do without it, which is very odd as in most other aspects of my life I am completely non-traditional.  Don’t know what it is about Christmas that makes me this way, but I love the smell and scent of fresh greenery and the bright contrast of the red and the gold against the green.  No pink or purple for me, not much silver or crystal either, although I don’t mind a bit of white.

And talking of white…. what about the snow I hear you ask??  Well, we’ve had a bit of the white stuff on and off since the middle of November, until last weekend that is.  Last weekend the thermometer hit 50F (10C) on Sunday and it absolutely poured down with rain all day and all night into Monday.  When I left for work at 7am it was still 50F, balmy for the time of year, but by lunchtime it was 25F (-3C) and dropping.  Later, around five, when I left work it was 15F (-9) and all the puddles in the car park from all the rain and melted snow were frozen solid…. in fact, my two front wheels were now completely frozen to the road and I had to really give it some right foot to break then free!  The roads were an absolute ice rink going home, very dangerous.  Overnight Tuesday into Wednesday we picked up a fresh 4″ of snow, but the big one is coming tonight with a winter storm bringing in another 6″ – 10″ starting very early Friday morning about 1am, until lunchtime Friday.  I plan on taking my work supplied laptop back with me tonight as they say the heaviest of the snow will hit right around rush hour.  I also heard on the radio that there is a good chance of another storm in SE Michigan on Saturday night into Sunday which could be as bad as the one we’re expecting tonight.

I shall endeavor to catch some of this whiteness on camera, especially for those of you in warmer climes dreaming of a White Christmas!  At least it looking like it should still be on the ground for Christmas Day.