Was last night for us in the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice.  A and I marked its passing by sitting quietly and reflectively in the family room with only the candles lit and the Christmas tree lights turned on.  Such a wonderful, warm glow, both inside and out, despite the fact that outdoors was a decidedly chilly -17.7C  (0F), and of course that was without the wind chill too.  From here on out the nights will be getting lighter again, just slightly at first, but by January it is always noticeable for me.

Anyway, to celebrate this wonderful occasion, I present you with the last of my home made Christmas cards.  Very simple, but I think very stunning too.  The gold and beaded tree is a bought embellishment that is set on three layers of gold and red papers.  The first layer is Duofold paper, Snowflake, very pretty and brought all the way to America from England last April.  That’s the lot for this year, hope you’ve enjoyed seeing them as much as I have enjoyed making them, I’m already thinking about next year!

And I received a little surprise today when I came into work.  You may recall that I wasn’t here on Friday due to the weather, well, Father Christmas obviously took the opportunity while I was out of the office, because I found a lovely box of Godiva Christmas Chocolates on my chair!  Can’t think of a better way to start off a Monday than with a gift of lovely chocolates.