Oh what a wasted blogging opportunity last night was, how I kicked myself over it!

Last Sunday we found ourselves in the little town of Plymouth, about 5 miles South of us.  We used to go there quite frequently on a Friday night to a lovely old fashioned movie theatre called The Penn, but it’s been a while.  Anyway, we must be the only people left in the world who hadn’t seen the new Bond film yet, it’s already finished the rounds of the major places but we noticed that it was still on at The Penn and that last night was the last night, so we wrote it on the calendar and went along.

Plymouth is quite famous at this time of year of its Ice Festival, where all manner of weird and wonderful figures and scenes are hand carved out of ice blocks and displayed around the town square.  It’s a big event, some of the ice sculpting teams come from as far away as Japan, have a look at this gallery of photos from previous years, and there’s another one here.  Last night we couldn’t park downtown, the road was closed around the square and it suddenly dawned on me that the festival is this weekend, actually it starts today.  And even worse, I realised I’d missed probably the best photo opportunity I was ever going to get this year to photograph something amazing because many of the competitors were hard at work on their masterpieces with chainsaws, sanders, hot irons and hand tools.  Some of the sculptures were so big they had scaffolding built around them to allow the artists to work on them.  And there was hardly anyone there, over the weekend Plymouth will be bursting at the seams and it will be impossible to get decent shots, I don’t even know if we’ll be going back.  I could have captured it all last night for your viewing pleasure, the life size bear standing on his hind legs, the huge moose with ginormous antlers, the evergreen trees, the complete scene of a large pack of wolves arranged around the base of a live tree howling at the icy moon suspended from the tree branches.  There’s something that’s shaping up to look like a Greek mythological figure and something else not quite complete that looked like mermaids and seals cavorting in the waves, as well as numerous smaller displays all finished and arranged around the square.

But I didn’t have my camera, well you don’t do you?  I mean I was only going to see the Bond movie after all.  But I really kicked myself for the missed opportunity.