When I was looking for the picture for Clairey’s tag the other day, I realised that over the course of last year I had uploaded a whole bunch of photos for posts that just never got written.  I don’t know why that was, I think sometimes the moment just passes and you’ve moved on to something else so you never go back to what that original thought was, at least I find it hard to go back.  I have thought about these photos once in a while but discarded the thought of showing you something we did in August when we’re now in December or January, just didn’t seem right.  Until now that is.   Maybe it’s because it’s now that bleurhh time of year and photos in the Great Frozen North are a bit scarce but I’ve decided to show you some of them, if for no other reason than to remind myself that I do have a life, and that if I hang on a bit more Winter will give way to Spring once again, my busy time at work will be over with, and we can all venture outside once more and breathe in the wonderful sweet, Spring air.

These few were taken in The Lake District last year.  A went back home four weeks earlier than I did, and he went up to his brothers in Kendal for a few days, I think it was over Easter, these are some of his shots.  Interesting to note that there was some snow on the ground!

[Skiddaw from The Whinlatter Visitor Center]

[If I’m not mistaken this is Grizedale Pike, climbed that fella more than once!]

[Low lying fells above Kendal]

[Morecome Bay]

[The snowcapped Lake District mountains can be seen in the distance across the open expanse of the Morecombe Bay tidal estuary]

I’ll have to have a root around and see what else I can come up with, I know there’s more pics I haven’t posted before.  Looking at this little lot though makes me very wistful, fell walking among, over and through the stunning hills and mountains of the UK was our number 1 hobby before we left to live in America.  Just about every weekend possible was spent sleeping in a tent with our walking boots strapped to our feet and a ruck sack on our back.  I miss it with every single fiber of my being, it actually hurts me to look at these photos, to know that I’m no longer part of it.  My, my, I am feeling sorry for myself aren’t I!!  Best I leave it for now in case we all start crying!!!