Where are you going? You’re whizzing by so quickly I’m feeling quite dizzy from the speed of the days!  Feels like I just turned the calendar over the other day, and here we are, mid month already, and such a short month too, March will soon be here.

So dear friends, you ask what have I been up to these past weeks?  You have been asking haven’t you, I mean, you’re not fickle enough to hop on over to someone else’s blog are you, someone who has managed a few more February posts than I have… , someone who has posted lovely pictures to entrance you and clever words to amuse you.  Sigh.   Can I tempt you back do you think?  Do you still remember me?

Let me think about the past couple of (blogless) weeks…. Spring arrived in The Great Frozen North.  The first weekend in February was very mild, the sun shone, the snow melted and the birds were signing.  I don’t think I’ve heard the birds sing since early November when they rolled up their little hymnals, abandoned the sweet little birdie houses and fled South for the winter, there are times I’d give anything to join them let me tell you!  But for one precious weekend, they were back, perhaps checking out the old homestead for the return of the missus.  We took ourselves on glorious sunny walks through the woods, where the snow still reigned, the sunlight not quite penetrating the murky depths just yet.  Our wonderful weekend of sun was followed by a couple of days of rain, but still very mild, it wasn’t dropping below freezing at might, and the last of the lingering snow turned to watery slush and poured itself by the gallon into the local drains.  I lay in bed one morning, listening to the gurgling of the house gutters and the occasional sliding noise followed by a dull thud as the snow finally lost its grip on the roof of my house.

It got warmer still, the weather forecasters eagerly talked of records being broken so we waited with baited breath, the sun came back out and the temperature climbed and climbed and climbed.  It would have to hit 60F to beat the previous record, it didn’t quite, but it did equal it.  For one glorious day in February dear readers we hit 59F.

And then it snowed.  Such is the fickleness of the Michigan winter.  Saturday, 14th Feb, A opened the curtains in our bedroom when he got up and cried out in amazement.  There was 2 fresh inches of pure white snow.  The birds weren’t singing any more.  The world was once again silent.  Silent and white.

So what was a girl (and a boy for that matter) to do?  Out came the soup pans again, the chopping boards, the bowls and the kitchen knives.  By the end of two days of toil in the kitchen we had enough food to fill our freezer and plenty of lovely meals in the fridge for lunch, dinner, supper, snacks etc, and a tray of chocolate dipped strawberries.  Just because.

I also turned my hands and thoughts to some upcoming birthdays and I now have one finished and two “in progress” cards for the family.  I’ll show them too you in due course.  Promise!

Something I do want to show you though are these little things, we’ll, they’re not quite so little really.  They keep appearing in my house, two have arrived and perched themselves in sunny windows, the third decided it would quite like to brighten up the white expanse of our wooden fireplace surround in the family room.  What are they you ask?  To be honest, I don’t know!  They’re whimsical little creations of copper and semi precious stones, brazed, twisted, twirled and formed into pleasing little vignettes, hung in windows and on fireplaces, catching the sun and magnifying it a thousand times in a thousand different colours and then bouncing the colours off walls and ceilings, sparkling, glinting, making you turn your head, making you pause for a second and making you observe their never ending cacophony of pattern and colour playing over the blank canvas of the walls in my house.  They appear as if by magic.  Sometimes, when I get home from work a new one has mysteriously appeared where earlier there was just an empty expanse of glass.

Aren’t they pretty?  Do you like them?  Very whimsical aren’t they?  The beautiful blue one was presented to me for my birthday in January, nestling in tissue paper inside a little box, I think the stones are lapis lazuli.  It’s small enough that it could feasibly hang around my neck, it would make quite a statement don’t you think?  I could easily get the artist to make something up for me, perhaps a thin copper band or maybe a leather thong?  It would be as easy as turning to A and asking for it.  Have you guessed yet?  While my medium seems to be paper… my wonderful hubby has turned his hands to copper art.  He made all of these wonderful little whimsies I’ve shown you today.  I know there’s more on the way.  I often come across little piles of stones arranged in pleasing displays, maybe the next day they’ve changed a little, tweaked here and there until the struggling artist is happy with their arrangement.  Then out come the pliers and tools and brazing gun, and after a little while a new masterpiece will arrive.  He hopes to sell some one day, when he has enough to take to arty places and show them his wares.  I like having an arty husband.  I think we compliment each other rather well.