A few more that got away!  It’s incredible how many photos I actually uploaded last year that I never used, perhaps a rather belated New Year’s Resolution should be to be a bit more organized with my blogging and photos…. and if I don’t end up using the photos then delete them off the website!

Today is very dire and grey outside, our forecast is rain, interspersed with sleet, interspersed with bursts of snow, then back to rain with some high winds before turning to all sleet then snow overnight as it cools down!  Tomorrow is more of the same.  By the time it’s all done on Friday we will have about 4″ of *something*…. rain, sleet, snow, slush, ice?  Don’t know what but we’ll have four inches of it!

Remember when we went to the Awards Banquet for the racing track  on November 1st last year?  For whatever reason I ended up not showing you the pictures of em all dressed up, even though I had tempted you with the “before” shots, you never actually got any “after” ones did you?  Here are a couple taken before we left the house:

My God, I look like a stuck-up, haughty so and so don’t I??  There is one more, but you’re certainly not seeing that one…. A took it from a low down angle looking up at me and I was looking slightly down at him.  Hhm, Cruella De Vil sprang to mind immediately when I first saw it!!


I’m very much looking forward to the weekend, I’m taking both Friday and Monday off work as I have some “banked” or “comped” hours to use up at work and my boss what’s me to use some of them up, so I’m having a long weeekend.  Monday is also A’s birthday, he doesn’t want to do anything really special, but I’d like to cook him a nice meal at least.  I don’t know what that’ll be just yet, I’m going to ask him what he wants.  I also want to take him out on Friday to the local shops to choose a couple of things, I know he wants a couple more winter tops but he’s very particular and wants to pick things and try them on himself.  He’s actually more picky than I am!  I much prefer to take him shopping than to shop for him myself!  Me, I’m easy, just give me some money to spend in a craft store!  He’s always said I’m a cheap date.  Really!  I am!  And he does tell me that. And apparantly I’m “not high maintenance”! Lol!