Oh it’s lovely to be able to show you these new card photos at last, they’ve been a long time in the making I can tell you.  I dabbled a bit here and dabbled a bit there, I’ve got two others on the go to at the moment, they still require a bit more dabbling though!  It’s unusual for me to dabble in this way, I usually just “get on with it”, spend a couple of hours and get it done, for some reason this year I’ve turned into a dabbler.  But that’s ok I suppose, as long as I get them finished in time to send to their recipients I don’t suppose it really matters too much does it?

What kicked me into gear though was A’s birthday.  It’s today actually, and I took the day off to be with him, in fact I also took Friday off too so we’ve had a really great weekend long weekend.  Friday was a day full of errands and shopping in order to leave the weekend clear for us.  Saturday we baked and cooked together, working side by side in the kitchen while we watched a fresh four inches of snow fall.  On Sunday I prepared for him the first of our “Birthday Dinners”, a lovely roast chicken dinner with mashed potato and gravy and three types of veg.  It was yummy, we haven’t had a roast since Christmas dinner…. growing up in England we were both accustomed to sitting down as a family on a Sunday lunchtime and tucking in to a roast dinner with all the trimmings!  Strange how things change, we rarely have them now so it made a nice treat.

So today I made a special breakfast, blueberry pancakes were requested and devoured with gusto!  He then opened his gifts and cards and then we called his parents for a chat.  It’s been a stunningly beautiful and sunny day today, although the thermometer hasn’t made it above freezing,  so we headed out to Hines Park for a lovely stroll through the snowy woods to work up an appetite for lunch.  This is where we’ve been cross country skiing recently, so if you scroll down to the posts I made in January you will see where we were walking.  After our hike it was off to Panera Bread Cafe for a late sandwich lunch and then off to one shop he wanted to look at where we got a great deal on a couple of items that he really wanted.  Sometimes it just works out like that doesn’t it?

Anyway, we’re now back home, cup of tea in hand and I’m typing up this post before knucking down and making the “Requested Birthday Dinner”, which this year is Steak in Peppercorn Sauce with All The Trimmings…. haven’t had a good old fashioned steak dinner in ages either so it’ll be a real treat.  Especially as I’m also making home made onions rings, grilled tomatoes and baked potato wedges to go with it!!  Desert will be plum crumble with vanilla ice cream, my god, I don’t know where we’re going to put it all!  Thank heavens it’s only once a year.

So on to his birthday card, which he really did like incidentally.  He’s a sun worshipper is my husband, like lots of people he likes nothing better than to see the sun streaming in through the windows and to feel the sun on his back when we’re out for a walk.  His moods change drastically depending on if the weather is dull and grey or lovely and sunny.  So I made him a sunny birthday card in case the weather didn’t cooperate, but in the end he’s had the best of both today.

It’s a quilled card, my first one out of the wonderful book on the subject that I got for Christmas, and I has a lot of fun making it and matching up colours of paper etc.  He absolutely loved the whimsical little sun with it’s off centre circle and the little triangular sun rays and they were so easy to make, that’s what I love about quilling, it truely is very easy but the results can look like you spent hours and hours!  I printed the sentiment from the computer directly on to Bazzil cardstock.

So there you have it.  A sun shiney card for a sun filled birthday.

Right, I better get slaving over a hot stove, otherwise we’ll end up with a late dinner, or worse still, no dinner!