I’m absolutely bursting with the Joys of Spring right now and blissfully ignoring the fact that our high temperatures are still predominantly below freezing, I’m also blissfully ignoring the fact that it could still snow at any given moment and we won’t truly be out of the woods until at least late April. I don’t care! The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the birds are once again singing their joyful little songs, and both the mornings and evenings are considerably lighter. I feel lighter, I feel brighter and I feel so much happier. In fact if I get any happier I’ll be climbing in the trees along with the birds and joining them in their morning singing!

We had a good chat this past weekend, A and I, we’re both active people most of the time, we usually need to have some kind of project on the go for weekends to keep us occupied and out of mischief. The winter really kills the enthusiasm for that kind if thing though, sometimes it’s just easier to sit on your behind and read a book of poke about on the net, but this inactivity breeds discontent, so, we decided to do something about it. We came up with a list of jobs we can do about the home, easily and for not a great cost, as like everyone else at the moment we’re watching our pennies, things that will add more character and enhance the environment for us. For example, we took a couple of very nice art posters we have along to Michaels craft shop as they had a framing sale. For the larger of the two we decided on a nice custom frame, but for the other we were able to find an off the shelf frame which suited it perfectly. We also called in to Home Depot to look at what they had available in the way of narrow moldings or chair/dado rails. Our hallway has two colours of paint in the same pallete separated by a white painted chair rail, the idea is to make empty, oblong “picture frames” that will be bonded on the lower wall to give the look of more expensive paneling, we may at some point, paint the inside of the “frames” or put in a piece of wallpaper perhaps. But not now, for now we will just add the pieces as they are, painted white, to keep the cost down. I’ll post pictures at some point too, so you can see what I’m on about!

The other thing that has been decided is to paint the front South facing bedroom. It currently does double duty at the moment, that of sauna room for our far infra-red sauna that we’ve owned for about four years now, and on the odd occasion another guest bedroom. The room is 12ft x 11ft with a built in double wardrobe so it’s big enough to accommodate both uses, but we’re also come to another decision. For the last year A has been seriously interested in massage, he’s always been very interested in alternative health and preventative health matters, but he took everything a step further last year by buying a massage table, making his own oils and cremes and hooking up with some nice ladies who are all Certified Massage Therapists. His goal is to take some classes and obtain a qualification in this field. Right now he often sets up the table in our family room and practices on me (it’s a hard life I know!)…. if he does get qualified he will need a room set aside for massaging, plus we’re always tripping over the folded up table when it’s not in use as it’s still quite a decent size. So, all this waffle is to tell you that we’ve decided to turn the sunny South facing bedroom into a little mini spa! I’ll paint it in a nice warm but not bright, yellow, and we’ll remove the bed as we can’t see it being used this year to be honest. The table can them be set up permanently in there, and with a painting or two on the walls and a little greenery from a nice plant it will become a wonderful relaxation room for us! I even still have enough paint in the basement from an earlier project so it won’t cost us anything! I want to paint it next weekend. Watch this space as they say.

And still bursting with the Joys of Spring, I sowed some seeds yesterday! Two types of heirloom tomatoes are now sitting in my little propagator in the aforementioned sunny bedroom! Drat, I didn’t think about that! I’ll have to move them! Or maybe they could provide the greenery we want in there, lol. Tomatoes need to be a decent size before I can plant them out in May, I usually start them in early April, hopefully this year they will have more time to mature and fruit.

Finally, I am completely and utterly in love with a new to me Australian band. Anyone heard of The Audreys?? We rented an Aussie series called Rain Shadow from Netflix a couple of weeks ago and ALL the music used on the show was taken from The Audreys first cd release called Between Last Night And Us, and it’s absolutely superb, right up my street. And the show wasn’t too bad either, two female vets, one older and wiser, the other younger and impetuous straight out of college, working in South Australia in a region that hasn’t seen any rain in 10 years. The music is a stunning blend of folk, country and blues all rolled into one, and I absolutely adore it. Amazon here I come! If you’ve never heard of them I implore you to follow the links and listen to the snippets on their website, or better still, rent the Rain Shadow dvd, you won’t be disappointed.

And it’s March too!  Yay!!!!  Winter be gone!