Well as promised, a quick run down of the weekend and explanations of the “Sneaky Peaks”! The weekend started brilliantly with a very sunny high on Friday of 69F! Yay, almost Spring. My lovely at home hubby called at lunchtime to say he was eating lunch sitting on the deck wearing shorts and had just removed his tshirt it was that hot. Stuck inside a building working right through my lunch (yet again), I said “go away” and put the phone down!

The big plan for the weekend was to paint the front bedroom, as mentioned earlier in the week. We’d taken down and stored the bed on Wednesday night and I was preparing for a day of clearing up, filling here and there, washing down the walls, removing the curtains and blinds and masking off…. only I got home Friday to find that that part had all been done for me! Perhaps he felt guilty about sitting outside on the deck to eat his lunch! He’d also made an executive decision that the room would be painted blue, not yellowy peach which was the original plan. It still didn’t cost us anything as I had a full tin of midtone bluey/grey paint left over from when I painted the bathroom about four years ago. Two coats went on Saturday, the masking tape was removed, little touch ups made here and there, and that was it, done in a day!

Later we met up with some English friends at an Irish pub for some food and drinks and a good old chinwag. Got home about 11pm and thankfully remembered to put our clocks forward as it was time for America to Spring Forward one hour, so an hours sleep was lost but the benefit is lighter evenings. Not that we noticed much extra light on Sunday evening, after our stunning day on Friday it absolutely poured down all day Saturday and Sunday… 2 1/2 inches of rain in total and a few thunderstorms and high winds thrown in to boot. Good thing we had planned on staying in for the most part this weekend as it was seriously nasty outside.

On Sunday we traipsed up to Jo-Ann craft store and chose some material for the new curtains for the newly painted bedroom. 40% off too, so the price was good, just got to dust off the sewing machine for the hems now. Sunday was also the day that A started in earnest on the second project we had planned. I’d also mentioned earlier that we would be making false “picture frames” and sticking them to the lower part of the walls in the downstairs hallway to give the look of paneling. We’d already bought the molding the weekend before, decided on the proportions and A had cut all the pieces ready. On Sunday he assembled them all on the walls and glued them down using “cement adhesive”, in other words, they won’t be coming off in a hurry! It takes about 15 minutes to bond, hence the extra bit of wood you see broadside across the hall in the photo on yesterdays post, it was either that or stand there for 15 minutes pushing each piece firmly against the wall! They now need to be filled a little at the corners because the walls are neither stright nor true and each panel bonds to the wall slightly differently than its neighbour, and then a final coat of white gloss applied to each one. I really like how they’re looking, and they’re only half done!

While this activity was going on in the hallway I was busy in the study making a birthday card for my sister-in-law. I really had a lot of fun with this one and threw a few different elements at the card. As you can see, there are two little panels that have quilled flowers in them, a third has a two Prima hydrangea flowers layered together and fixed with a crystal brad with an accent of small rhinestone stickies, and the final one has more of the little rhinestone stickies, along with a sentiment I printed from the computer and punched out with a one inch round punch. I also added Stickles glitter all around the edge and again on the hydrangea flower. Phew, it was quite an effort and perhaps my most ambitious little project to date! Here are a few photos, sorry about how dull they are, it was absolutely persisting down outside and the sky was all leaden and grey again. The card blank is 5 1/2″ square, the larger pink squares are 2″ each and the smaller ones are 1 1/2″. It’s gone in the post today aS her birthday is next Sunday, I wrapped it up well so I hope it survives the journey.