Finally there is some life in Michigan!  My tomato seedlings are sprouting, blissfully unaware that it’s still -6C outside in the mornings, unfortunately I’m not as that’s the temperature I’m heading off to work in!  Although the daytime highs are generally trending upwards and we’ve even managed a couple of nights where it’s stayed above freezing, that was enough to lull the daffodils by the drive into a false sense of security, they’ve poked their little heads above the soil to see what’s going on.  Now that’s it’s dropped below freezing again I bet they wish they hadn’t!

Planted on 28th February, germination started on 9th March, photos taken 11th March.  On the left are three pots of heirloom Black Krim tomatoes, 100% germination, and on the right are two pots of heirloom Aunt Ruby’s German Green, so far with a 50% germination rate.  Now that they’ve sprouted I must hook up the little heat come daylight lamp that I have, otherwise they’ll quickly become leggy stretching for the light.