Oh how I ache!  My shoulders ache, my back aches, my legs ache and my feet are still sore!  We had the most fantastic weekend ever and I did far too much which accounts for my dreadful body aches and state of mind this morning, all I wanted to do was pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep this morning, instead I had to get up for work.  Shouldn’t be allowed, shoud be optional on a Monday morning!!

I won’t give you the whole run down in one post, mainly because I’m so exhausted I can’t really think straight, but suffice to say that my weekend ended by sitting on the deck on a cushion with my back against the railings and my face in the sun, wearing my SHORTS!!  Did you read that??  I said SHORTS, in March no less!  Of course it will probably snow next week, but I don’t care, it can do what it likes…. I WORE SHORTS IN MARCH IN MICHIGAN!!!!!

OK, now I’ve just given myself a headache with all that shouting!  I’ll leave you with a couple of Lucyesque photos.  I treated myself to a couple of little 10 stem bunches of daffodils at the supermarket on Sunday morning and carried them all the way home because we had walked down to the store to get a few provisions.  No big deal you say, but in my neck of the woods walking anywhere in March is a huge deal!!

I’ll be back later with more of the weekend run down, but for now, how gorgeous are these??