Saturday dawned bright and sunny with a lovely white frost.  It looked more autumnal than spring like to be honest as the light was so mellow.  A decided that he wanted to go to the craft store, Michaels this time, not Jo-Anns, to pick up his birthday present that they had been framing for us!  We were soon home and the sun was making its presence known and the frost was rapidly burning off, we’re really beginning to feel the effects of it now in Michigan and it’s absolutely wonderful to have it back again.  Hopefully it won’t snow again next week or something stupid!

Once home A set about hanging the picture in the hallway, he had to be very careful with the placement of the fixtures as it’s 24″ x 36″, excluding the frame and it’s also framed under glass so the overall weight is about 30lbs!  Don’t want that crashing down on your tootsies!  What do you think?  Isn’t she beautiful?  The Lady of Shallot by JW Waterhouse. A has had a small postcard of this print for a number of years and absolutely loves the vibrancy of the colours and the attention to detail in this painting, so I searched out a really nice art print and had it framed for his birthday present, which was in February.  It really makes a huge difference to the hallway.   I hope Leanne sees this post, I know she really likes Waterhouse too.

The other thing to make a huge difference to the long, boring expanse of hallway are the finished mock panels on the walls.  Don’t they look great?  A bit Georgian perhaps, but we both think they look great, really adds some character to the old abode!

And talking of character, look how the upstairs bedroom/massage room is coming on!  We put the blinds back up along with the curtain pole and tie backs and then hung the curtains A had made, yes, you did read that correctly.  A made them, in fact, he made most of the curtains in our house.  He has also turned a spare lenght of fabric into a table runner for the chest of drawers in the room, and yet another piece has been framed and hung on the wall.  He also made two little corner shelves out of a scrap bit or wood and has painted them a contrasting darker blue, they’re now on the walls either side of the window with little candles on them (but they weren’t up when I took these photos).  There’s another Waterhouse print in this room, Circe Invidiosa, which this appalling photo does no justice to whatsoever!  Must try and get a better one!  The whole room is really shaping up now, especially now that the pictures are on the walls and the little shelves are finished, I think all that’s left is to find a plant, or maybe a silk flower arrangement, as a finishing touch.

After all this indoor stuff I took myself off to the garage, opened the door wide, it faces west, and proceeded to tidy up all my gardening paraphanalia and re-arrange the shelves it’s all thrown on in a most undignified heap!  I also swept up the floor and did a general clean up of the area.  I was pretty pooped by this time as we’d also managed to fit in a session of swimming at the local pool before lunch!, so I headed back indoors for a rest.  We made tea and toast and took it out on the deck and sat with our backs against the rail, our bums on the floor and our faces tilted up towards the suns rays.  Bliss.  I slept like a log Saturday night!

Back tomorrow with Sundays installment.