Sunday dawned pretty much an exact replica of Saturday, bright, sunny and just a little bit frosty, so we hopped out of bed bright and early to make the most of the day.  Well, A hopped out of bed… I clambered out somewhat gingerly and staggered about a bit!  I could certainly feel that I’d been swimming again the day before!

I decided I wanted to make another batch of my so-called Christmas Cookies, so after breakfast I set about weighing our the flour, taking the butter out of the fridge to soften and chopping up the pecans and cranberries…. in my pajamas!  Never cooked in my jim-jams before! But before I could get too far into the chopping and mixing we had to decide what we were going to do that day, we thought about a bike ride but I really didn’t feel up to it, so the second choice was a walk around the block and through the woods, but we also had to go to the local store and do some shopping so we ended up with a compromise, we’d walk down to the store, get the few bits and bobs we needed and walk back again.  Sounded great, so we quickly got changed, grabbed a small rucksack and set off walking down the path along the famous 8 Mile, which at 9:30am on a Sunday morning is still surprisingly busy.  About half way back though my poor feet began to “burn” from the ordinary around the house type socks I had on, the winter shoes and the hard pavement!  What a wimp!  Glad I had the two little bunches of daffs to cheer me up!  So I then had to stand about in the kitchen with my burning feet and finish making the cookies I’d started earlier.

After lunch it was back in the blue bedroom to decide on the placement of the other pictures and then I left A to it and attempted to finish clearing up the mess I’d created on Saturday in the garage when I kidded myself I was “tidying it up”!  But the warm sunshine soon enticed me outside where I realised that it had turned into an absolutely stunning day.  It was only about 13C but there wasn’t a sniff of a breeze at all, so it felt so much warmer, so I quickly changed into my SHORTS and a tshirt and persuaded A to come outside with me, he could fiddle about with the bedroom any time he pleases but we don’t often get weather like this in Michigan in March.  Once outside A cleared away all the dead growth and accumulated leaves and detritus of the winter in the front border and then started on the long thin border beside the house, while I did the same think the the long driveway border and then made a start on the border under the living room window.  My God it felt good to be out!  We got quite a bit of it done and then decided to rest up on the deck for a while, or at least A did, I decided to do some more baking instead!!

[Definitely a work in progress!]

Earlier A had complained that we had too many eggs and we needed to use some up.  We buy our organic eggs in cartons of 18 and we’d gone and bought another one thinking we only had a couple left in the fridge, only to find out we actually still had half a carton unused.  So I whipped up six indivdual quiches using some pastry I had left over from Christmas that I’d put in the freezer, I love quiches, especially cute little 6″ ones like these.  We had a couple for tea because they smelled so divine, they weren’t on the menu for that night but the wonderful cheesy/herby aromas wafting from the kitchen soon changed our minds!

While they were in the oven I made tea and took it on the deck along with some of the biscuits I made that morning and had myself half an hour sitting in the sunshine too.

What a great way to end the weekend, but oh how I paid for all of that sudden activity on Monday!!