I’d expected the title of this post was going to be “Another Work In Progress” but we excelled ourselves this weekend and completely finished the painting project we started on Saturday afternoon!  Our downstairs hallway has been finished for quite some time now, oh let’s see, must be at least two years, maybe more… BUT the stairs and upstairs landing hadn’t been touched at all, at least with the exception of one small wall, and it looked crap to be honest, a lovely hallway and then dark, dingy stairs with little bits of plaster flaking off to complement it!  It actually looks like it is already painted in the photo below, all that is is the glow from the very powerful standard lamp that was on the landing at the time, the finished colour will be that pale, creamy lemon (called Honeytone) that you see on the left hand wall.

[Getting ready for action]

But there was a good excuse for all of this nastiness… and that’s the height of the stairwell from the ground floor.  American homes are quite simply much taller than English ones so the distance from the top ceiling on the landing to the floor in the hallway is considerable, scarily so.  I didn’t want to get up on a ladder!  Neither did A, and we didn’t want to pay to have it done either,  so we were at a bit of a stalemate really!

[Erm, it’s how high up??]

After a bit of planning though and some quite serious thought we realised that maybe it wasn’t quite as scary as it first appeared, was even quite do-able with a ladder extension and various sized poles that we could fit rollers and paints pads on to.  A major decision to was to continue the nice, light coloured paint onto the ceiling instead of painting the ceiling white, as we’ve done downstairs.  That helped tremendously actually as we didn’t have to concern ourselves with masking the ceiling or trying to “cut in” paint.  So, not one to beat about the bush we got the paint, amassed all the supplies and got down to it.

A did all the hard stuff, or at least he said he did!  I got the landing to do and spent almost an entire afternoon masking off six doors and the woodwork and skirting board of a halfwall too!  Took me bloomin’ forever!  It was worth the effort though because when the tape came off today and nice crisp edges emerged.

[Quiet please, taping in progress!  Plus the source of that lovely glow!]

So, now that it’s all done, cleaned up, swept up and washed up here are a couple of photos of how it turned out, taken today, in the late afternoon sunshine.  There’s no natural light on the landing at all, the only light comes from the open bedroom doors.  Quite lovely don’t you think?

[The only thing left is to fix the glass shades on to the light fitments, just in case you were wondering what those odd looking things are left and center!  I’d washed them so they weren’t dry when this photo was taken.]

We were even done in time to have our tea on the deck again (another very pleasant day) and I got a bit of card making in too!   Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.