My God!  Where did it go??  Reminds me of one of the sketches in Fawlty Towers where Basil has just been chastised (again) by Sybil and is talking to himself….. “Zoom!  What was that mate??  That my friend, was your life, did you miss it??”  Or words to that effect!  Busy, busy, busy sums it all up.  After the shock of a late season winter storm which left us with 5″ of snow, the rest of the month turned out quite beautifully.  So much so, that we have:

  • Completely finished tidying up in the garden
  • Planned and started working on our new container vegetable garden
  • Sowed lots of hardy vegetable (and a few flower) seeds out side
  • Fixed the mailbox that got smacked by a snowplough and was at a bit of a precarious angle!
  • Taken down, fixed, treated and put back up the three trellises for the clematis
  • Put down the first of the lawn fertilizer
  • Completely re-stained the deck ready for summer
  • Put out the barbecue, deck furniture and water fountain
  • Had our first barbecue of the year
  • Had our first trip to the lake with our kayaks and got sun burnt!
  • Scrubbed out and cleaned all the garden pots ready for summer flowers and herbs
  • Sanded and re-coated the two big half barrels we normally put by the front door with annuals in
  • Made a corral out of chicken wire and wooden stakes to keep the critters out of the new vegetable area
  • Got out in the sun shine on our bikes a couple of times
  • Made three cards for birthdays
  • Attended the on-track portion of Drivers School for our new recruits this year

Quite a list eh?  Basically we’re an entire month ahead of where we were last year at this time, especially with the outdoors stuff, it’s brilliant.  There was a bit of time for photo taking but I’ve been so busy that the pictures are still on the camera, I’ll try and sort some out this weekend.  Although the weather has generally been great we’ve had a fair amount of rain, higher than usual so the garden has tuned lush and green almost overnight.  Our average April rainfall is a shade over 3″, this year for the same month we got 5.5″…. some of it at the weekend during Drivers School.  I got soaked to the skin on Saturday it came on so fast, by the time I’d found shelter (about 10 seconds) I was like a drowned rat!  Made it interesting for the rookies though I can tell you!

As I’ve no photos for this post I’ll leave you with a short video from Drivers School.  Pay attention to the left side of the track, close to the trees, for a wayward Ford Mustang… and no, that little maneuver wasn’t on the curriculum!  Happily though the driver is just fine, although a little shocked at first, and the car is already in the workshop being fixed and will be ready for the first race weekend on May 9th/10th!  Such is the resilience of youth!