I’ve finally managed to get the photos off the camera (yay!), so here are a few from our first kayaking trip to our local lake in the middle of April. But first we had to figure out how the special roof rack was going to fit on the new car we got just before Christmas, so we had to spend close to an hour faffing about on the driveway to make sure everything was safe and secure, you don’t want this lot flying off the car at 60mph on the motorway now do you???

Once there we were pretty quick to launch, it was such a lovely day with just a few fishermen out to keep us company, very different from the middle of summer. The views were very different too, hardly a leaf in sight! It’s amazing to think that just a couple of weeks after these pics were taken (round about now then!) that all the bare trees will be filled with lush greenness, and that later still, in the fall, they will be bright red, orange and gold.

We saw a few swans too, about seven or eight I think I counted. Later on, there’ll be large flocks of them and we’ll have to be very wary of them and not get too close. Not only are they very territorial but they’re also incredibly protective of their young and will happily take on a 13 1/2 foot long kayak! The geese aren’t much better either…. can’t remember if I told you but A got attacked by one when he was riding his bike around the trail last year!! It spread out its wings and charged him almost knocking him off his bike! I’m sorry but I laughed myself silly at the thought of it!!!

It was so nice to be back out on the water again.  The wind in my hair, the sun on my skin….. the ache in my arms!!