I was a bit short on time and had two birthdays coming up in April so I’m afraid I resorted to re-doing a couple of ideas I’d had in the past for cards, but for different people.  The first one was for my nephew who turned 15, I used the same idea that I’d used for my sister last October, but changed is slightly by colouring in the doggie face with pencils and chalks, adding the tied jute bow to the front and changing the shape of the card somewhat.  I think I prefer this one to the one I made for her!

The second one was for my brother in law, and I rehashed the same idea I’d used for my own brother last year by choosing a nice photo we’d taken (this one is a by-plane from the Thunder Over Michigan airshow), printing it as a 60% transparency and then adding a strip of coloured card with the sentiment printed on it along with a smaller, full colour version of the picture.  Quick and simple, I’ve got this same look in mind for another male birthday that’s coming up in June too.

I do have a couple of lovely new cards to show you too so stay tuned for the next post!