A couple of new cards for you today, just to prove that I have been doing stuff!

This one was made for my niece Emma, the little girl who loves all things pink.  I found the template in a card magazine over the Christmas break and went to their website and downloaded it….. and then procrastinated for about four months until I had to panic to get it done in time for posting!

As I hope you can see it’s a very sweet little girls dress.  The pinafore is shaped vellum, the bodice pattern was pierced with a piercing tool (actually a bradawl from the hubbys tool chest!), and the hatching is hand drawn with a white gel pen.  The collar was made with a large heart punch, hand pierced and finished off with a pink gem, a little bit of cream and pink ribbon finished it off.

Next up is a Mothers Day card I made for my own Mum for American Mothers Day which was just yesterday (10th May).  I had already made the card for my MIL and showed it to you in this post.  I made this card from instructions on Pink Piggy’s blog and thought it looked really striking!  The whole thing was fairly simple and Dawn’s instructions were simple and easy to follow, the card base itself took no time at all to make up, what I found the most time consuming was cutting up little pieces of green card to make the grass!  I already had a number of punched flowers already made so that cut down on the time somewhat.

From the outside it’s a pretty innocuous little card, black base with a couple of pieces of funky patterned paper, no hint of what’s on the inside at all, but turn it over and open it up and this is what greats you…….

… a lovely bouquet of sunny flowers!  I Stickled the crap out of each one too so they’re really bright and bubbly.

Before I started with the step template and the decorating I’d ran the card through the printer for the greeting.  I chose the funkiest font I could find as it was going to be a pretty funky card.  Even the ribbon is funky.

And this is the side view so you can really get a good look at those steps.  I like this template very much, I think it has almost endless possibilities and it’s very easy to make, I might make up a couple more like this and not decorate them, just have them ready for another time.