This is the first real garden stroll of the year.  It’s amazing at the speed with which things grow, a little bit of sun a little lot of rain and away they all go, blink and you miss it!  One day there’s buds on the cherry tree, the next it’s in flower and the next the petals are scattered all over the ground by the bullying wind, and if you weren’t there with your camera at the precise moment then I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until next year!

[Magnolia Stellata just starting to open.  Behind, to the left, is a Japanese Weeping Cherry that managed to bud, flower and come into full leaf in the space of a week!  This is the only photo I managed of it!]

It’s looking quite pretty at the moment, what with the rain and the sunshine and the amount of hours we’ve been able to spend outside compared to other years at this time.  It’s really made a huge difference and I’ve already bought a couple of trays of annuals to start thinking about planting up the pots and tubs on the deck.  Hopefully the weather will stay fine, I’d really like to get the big Boston fern and the Hibiscus back outside again, if I leave it any longer the poor Hibiscus won’t have any leaves left on it!  It hates being indoors, but seeing as it’s a tropical plant I know it would also hate being left outside during the winter!

[Tiny little blue Scilla, or their nicer, common name of Siberian Squill.  A distant relative of the beautiful Bluebell]

[This is what greats me at the moment every single morning at the moment when I open the blind on the bathroom window.  It’s a Cleveland Pear]

[We love Hosta’s in this house, we even coined our own description of them when they’re growing en masse… which is “A Host of Hostas”!]

[These are just a few of the many varieties we planted up over the years]


[Grape Hyacinths]

[Bergenia Bressingham Pink]

[Dicentra Bleeding Hearts]

[Viburnum – The scent from this perfumes the entire garden]

[Dwarf purple bearded irises – beautiful colour with that little electric blue beard]

[Not to be outdone, there are also yellow bearded irises, love the white markings]


[Creeping Phlox]

[And finally, Penstemons with their new burgundy shoots]