Well, we’re almost there, day two of our camping trip, be grateful we didn’t go for a week that’s all I can say!! I have to admit, we were all a bit slow on the Sunday morning after the hours out on the lake the day before and nobody was quick to get up or make breakfast until well past nine. But it was nice taking our time, something Andrew and I don’t do very often.

There’s one member of our little party that you haven’t met yet…. his name is Chewy (after the Star Wars character, not because he chews things) and he’s Graham and Sheena’s dog, or more accurately, he was their sons dog and then their son up and joined the Marines so they were left with him! I’ve never met a softer, gentler, quieter dog than Chewy. He never barks, never whines, never makes a fuss, a perfect dog to take camping. He’s 12 now, a cross between a German Shepard and a Doberman, and is starting to get a bit fussy with his food, sometimes he’ll eat it sometimes he won’t, and it’s not just dog food either, you can offer him steak or chicken and he might eat it or he might not. I did discover he liked turkey bacon though, so I fed him a little for breakfast.

Well, after another gargantuan cooked breakfast we flopped in our chairs and didn’t move! We looked through magazines and chatted until we’d convinced ourselves that we really should get our arses in gear and get back out on the water again… but not before we brought out the griddle and made blueberry pancakes and coffee for lunch! It must have been all that kayaking the day before as we were all ready to eat again just a few hours after breakfast! And after that we really did get out on the lake, and stayed out until late afternoon.

[A lesser spotted Andrew hiding in the reeds]

[Just to prove that I actually did some kayaking and didn’t just faff about with a camera all day]

The day before, on the way back, Sheena had spotted a little channel so we decided to explore it.  We thought it was just lake access to a few houses, but my god, what houses they turned out to be!  Very, very large and exclusive houses that’s what.  We particularly liked this one below, it was virtually surrounded by water, with just a little access across a small strip of land to link it to the mainland.  There was one for sale close to here so I looked it up on the internet when we got home…… $895,000!

[Our get up to get us to the lake!  I carry the front of the blue one, Andrew holds the back of the blue one and the front of the red one and then the little kayak cart picks up the back end of the convoy!  Our fellow campers were highly amused.]

Back at base we put the kettle on and then one by one everyone decided to have a snooze.  Everyone but me that is, I was busy amusing myself with the camera again!

First it was Graham….

Followed rather quickly by Sheena…

Then I looked over at Andrew who was napping in a very Wild West sort of way!

And it was even too much for Chewy….

But I’m happy to say that everyone rallied later and we had a really good nosh up.  We even managed to go out for ice cream too.

The following morning Andrew and I made one more pilgrimage to the lake and powered our way through all six of them, right to the very end of the large lake we had pootled about in on the Saturday.  Coming back was a different matter as the wind had picked up and it got really blowy.  I stopped for a drink of water at one point and got blown into the reeds so no more pics to show you as the ones I did take came out blurred due to the buffeting of the boats.

We all got packed up and hit the road for a quiet drive home.  We choose a different way back and stopped at a Metro park for a late lunch before arriving home about 3pm.

So here we are, it’s Friday, so the end of a short week.  I have no idea what are plans are for this weekend outside of some gardening and possibly a bike ride.  I don’t think we’ll be doing any kayaking that’s for sure!!