Just because!  I still feel like I’m meeting myself coming backwards, these photos were all taken at the end of May, most have either faded now or have finished completely, but they’re still too pretty not to post.

[Alliums, ornamental onions!  Just bruise the leaves and smell your fingers if you don’t believe me!]

[Aquilegia.  Last year I wrote a post all about Aquilegias, about how they inter breed and that I often end up with a new colour or shape that I hadn’t seen before.  Last year there were no new ones, but this year there is this little darling.  Dark maroon/purple fading to light mauve fading to white.]

[They’re quite a riot of colour when they get going]

[Japanese Painted Fern]

[Lovely, bright Marigolds grown from seed, I’v got about 40 of these!]

[Ah, my ever present Peonies.  I wrote an entire post about Peonies last year too!]

[Sidalcea, sometimes called Little Hollyhocks.  I grew these perennials from seed about three years ago.  They form very flat rosettes of leaves no more than a couple of inches high, but capable of spreading around fifteen to eithteen inches in diameter.  In early spring they throw up these stiff little flower spikes in varying colours, up to two feet above the plant, that then flower from the bottom of the spike up to the top.  Very pretty and easy.  They come in a wide range of colours and there are some that flower later in the summer too.]

[Another view, with purple sage behind them]

[Finally one of my favourite Spring time shrubs, this is a variegated Weigela.  Not only are the leaves a two tone, but the flowers themselves start off dark pink before fading to light pink with dark centers and finally  a very light pastel pink, and as you can see from this photo, a little bit of everything goes on at the same time giving a wonderful effect.]