So you live off a dirt road perhaps.  Your car gets really dusty and dirty almost on a daily basis.  What do you do??  Do you wash it and clean it every day knowing that the next day it’s going to look exactly like it did before you cleaned it up?  Or, like Scott Wade, do you turn your vehicles into works of art and create a huge buzz on the internet about it all?

Scott lives in Texas, and he lives off a dirt road, and yes his family’s cars get really, really dirty.  He’s an artist so I suppose he looks at everything with an artists eye.  Inspiration struck one day, and he started producing the most amazing works of art on the rear windows of his cars!  He calls it Dirty Car Art and I think it’s absolutely fantastic!  I almost want to live on a dirt road just so I can have a go at doing it!!

This is Scott pondering his next masterpiece perhaps?

And masterpieces they are…. everything from the Mona Lisa with a VanGogh Starry, Starry Night background

To Albert Einsten…

And Texas wildflowers on the back of his Mother in Laws minivan!

Unbelievable!  Here are a few more…

A work in progress, Vermees “Girl With A Pearl Earring”…

This one is his 12 yr old daughter, but it’s way weird, even he admits it!  He thought it would be cool to have a child trapped in the backseat but it really came out creepy looking!

And a final photo of Scott himself!  What a cool dude, I bet he’s a real character.

There’s lots more on his own website, Dirty Car Art, and he has more descriptions of each painting and how he goes about creating each one.  I don’t know about you but I’m completely bowled over.