Last weekend, Sunday to be exact, we attended a car show.  Not just any car show, this particular event has turned in to one of the largest car shows in the mid west of America.  What sets it apart for us is, with the exception of a tiny row of interesting “foreign” models, it’s an all British event.  It’s also staged by the lcoal car club we’re members of so as well as the lovely cars, there are also lots of lovely people that we know too.  Oh, and if the cars are not your thing, then you could also have a look at the stunningly beautiful British bikes also on display, as a few years ago our club had a mega brainwave and now team up with the local British bike clubs in the area to stage this event.  And it’s a big event.  This year, due mostly to the fantastic sunny day we had, we broke the previous records of vehicles in attendance… there were 467 cars all lined up and well over 200 bikes!

I’ve taken lots of photos at events like these over the years, so I decided not to go mad this time, but to concentrate on quality rather than quantity… not sure about the quality bit either, but these are the ones that I liked the most.

I love Morgans…. something so wonderful and very British about them!

Probably one of Andrew’s all time favourite cars, the Jaguar E-Type.

A lovely little Mini.  My family had three of these over the years, I even learned to drive in one.

This was a very rare little car, a little known gem built in Biggleswade in Bedfordshire.  It’s called a Berkley and was built between 1957 and 1962.  It’s front wheel drive, so earlier than the mini, and it has a tiny little 3 cylinder, 2 stroke Excelsior motor bike engine in it!  Can’t remember how much horse power it put out but it weighed in at just over 600 lbs!!

Ah, a lovely old MG from 1939.  Reminds me of All Creatures Great and Small!!

A superb version of a later TR-6….. owned by a supplier of mine at work!  He’s an English ex-pat too and brought his car over with him from the UK.  It’s usually a trophy winner too.  Very nice.

Hood ornamentation from a Morris Minor Traveler…

And finally…. a Jaguar owner with a sense of humour!