I think I forgot to show you some of the results of all those tomato seeds I started back in February….. remember these?

Well, look at what they turned into!  This jumbo tomato in my hand is one of the many Brandywines we harvested that came in between 10oz and 14oz!  That’s nearly a pound per tomato!  And the flavour, oh I can’t begin to describe, so sweet and juicy and without hardly a trace of acidity either.  They are incredibly juicy too, it runs down your chin like water melon or peaches.  Amazing.

Right now the really big yield is over, most of them are coming in around 6oz, but they still taste great.

These are Aunt Ruby’s German Green…. we called them the gurning tomato, I mean look at them!  Their shape was incredible, and they also developed little black spots very easily if they rubbed against each other or the stakes which is no way affected their flavour, rather, it added to their charm!  Halloween anyone?

Again, a wonderful “old fashioned” flavour to these green tomatoes.  Nice and sweet.  The hardest thing was knowing when to pick them…. I’m not used to green tomatoes being ripe!

The biggest disappointment were the Black Krims… they didn’t turn black, but we did have a cooler summer than usual so I’m sure that had something to do with it.  They did turn nice and red and ripened up, we just never got any black ones.