Part II of The Battle of The Brits posts, the first one is here.  This one is the bike post, and not just any bikes, the wonderful classic, mostly  British bikes of which there appears to be a hell of a lot in this area.  One of our American friends (who also has a British car) has close to 30 British bikes in various stages of running and rebuilding, he brought two bikes to the show and won a prize for each, and his lovely wife drove the TVR (the car) to the show and they won a prize for that too!!

I took most of these photos to show to my bike mad brother, but as he only owns three he’s got quite a way to go before he catches up with our friend Brian!  Growing up with three older brothers in the house I found myself quite influenced by the things that they liked as a child, and one of the things all three of them were interested in were the bikes.  My one brother was completely mad about Nortons and would draw the Norton logo on every scrap of paper he could find, shopping lists, wrapping paper, the newspaper, receipts, writing pads!  It was everywhere, now, I can’t attend a bike show and see a Norton without thinking of him, especially as he’s no longer with us.

But on to the bikes, all beautifully prepared and turned out, their owners take a real pride and love nothing more than you admiring their pride and joy, even scary looking blokes in leathers and tattoos with bandannas on their heads are like putty in your hands because you’ve shown an interest!

[Wonderful old Ariel]

[A 1955 BSA]

[Indian… as in “The World’s Fastest!  US made, but we can forgive them for that!]

[A Vincent]

[A couple of shots looking around the field…. and this was after some of them had already left!]