Just popping in for a quick post before the weekend takes hold as it’s a very busy one indeed!  First of all, it’s the last race weekend of the season and I really can’t believe how fast that came around this year, it really does just seem like yesterday that we were all at drivers school in the Spring getting ready to start again.

The other reason why we’ll be busy is all due to the impending arrival of a transatlantic jet from London.  Nothing astounding about that I suppose, two of these land every day at Detroit Metro Airport, one from Heathrow the other from Gatwick.  The difference this time round is that my brother and my mum will be arriving on the flight from Heathrow around lunchtime local time on Saturday for a two week visit, so I’m looking forward to that tremendously.  Not sure how much posting I’ll be able to do while they’re here but I’ll try.  Really hoping the weather stays nice for their trip, Fall in Michigan is the most stunning time of year so I really hope they get to experience a little of it.

I’ll try and check in later is possible and update you on the comings and goings!  Have a great weekend.