It’s been a really bad Fall in Michigan this year, the weather has been absolutely dreich… cold, dark, gray, wet, windy and miserable.  There’s been the odd glimmer of hope here and there but they’ve been really few and far between, and they’ve also typically occurred during the work week too, so I was stuck indoors with no way to enjoy the fleeting sunshine.

Last week end though was 50/50… poured down all day Saturday and then was beautiful on Sunday.  We’d arranged with friends to take our LBC’s (Little British Cars) on a leisurely Sunday drive to go “leaf peeping”, and finally, we saw lots of wonderful leaves worthy of being peeped at!  And it didn’t rain.

So after meeting up for an excellent breakfast, we set off along the roads less traveled and I was ready with the camera.  Michigan rivals New England for Fall colour and that’s something that a lot of people don’t realize; we don’t have the marked elevation changes you find in the NE of the USA so it’s hard to say which place is best.  I love New England because you can often get above the trees and look down on them for miles and miles across the valley, and I love to hike in the White Mountains…. but when I’ve got all this on my doorstep (as long as the weather cooperates!), then who needs to travel to New England??

We stopped at Hidden Lake Gardens for a couple of hours, to stretch our legs and wander around part of the 755 acres of stunning plantings, but I’ll do another post on that as I have a lot of photos from our visit, plus the history is quite interesting too.

We finished our day in Tecumseh with afternoon tea at The British Pantry… fresh scones, cream and preserves and around 30 loose leaf, freshly brewed teas to choose from, served in individual tea pots with bone china place settings.  Very proper, we even managed to park the cars directly outside.  After that we meandered back to our starting point and then headed in opposite directions, arriving home about 5:30pm.  We’d left the house at 9am.

Pop back again another day, hopefully I’ll have the post about Hidden Lake Gardens up.