Just  popping in for a very quick post today.  I tend to do most of my blog posts at lunchtime during the work week, and I’ve been thinking that if I get through my lunch a bit quicker I could actually leave work a bit earlier each day!  So this post will be short on words but long on photos.

I took these few shots in my garden last week on a sunny afternoon when I got back from work, there are now a few more shrubs who have joined in with the colour chorus so I’ll endeavor to capture them too this coming weekend.

[My beautiful bully of an Aster, at three feet tall and over four feet wide it demands your attention]

[A Berberis in the back garden]

[Crab Apple… remember when it was in flower?]

[A wonderful Witch Hazel in my South facing front border]

[This is our current view from our kitchen window… Sedum, a few annuals hanging on and the buttery yellow of Hosta leaves]

[Californian Poppies, grown from seed this year, show no signs of slowing down at all.  Such bright, cheery faces even on the dullest of days]

[I’ll leave you with my Burning Bush living up to it’s name]