I mentioned in yesterdays post that my crafting ability had received a huge boost very recently. No, I haven’t attended a class or two and no, sadly, I haven’t won a shopping spree at a local craft store!  What I do finally have, after months and months of longing, is a little crafting space of my own in our spare bedroom.

It’s always been a multi purpose room and it still has to stay that way, but the major purpose did appear to be the storing of junk!  So we had a huge clear out and tidy up at the end of September.  The other purposes of the room are as a laundry area and an occasional (very occasional) bedroom, and these tasks still have to be accommodated.  By laundry I don’t mean there’s a washing machine in there, but this is where we do the ironing and sorting out of clean clothes as the little room where the machine is is too tiny for these tasks.  The bedroom bit is easy as we have a sofa bed in there.

So, here are a few before shots, bear in mind that these were taken AFTER the huge clear out!!

The room itself faces North and is 10′ x 10′ with a double door inbuilt wardrobe in the top left corner, which was used both for storage and for hanging the clothes in after they’d been ironed so they could air before being put away.

This was the worst area to deal with!  Those plastic storage units hold everything from old gardening and painting clothes, extra warm winter socks, gloves and scarfs, and of course my crafting stuff, which is in the units, on top of the units and all over the floor!  The units on the right and the cardboard boxes belong to Andrew for his business endeavors.  And most of the stuff in these photos had to stay.

And here is what it looks like now, after I cleared it all out,  measured up,  got my desk unit and moved everything around:

When I was looking around for a desk, I knew I wanted something with some extra storage to give me more options; it also had to be of certain dimensions to fit in the space I had and I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg.  I kept coming back to the Expedit units that you see here from Ikea.  For $159 I could get a really good size desk along with the bookcase/storage cubes.  S0 last Saturday I dragged the boy 20 minutes down the road to our closest store, the only one in Michigan as it happens!, and we looked around at the displays and decided that I’d picked the best option.  Even better, there’d been quite a significant price break on these items and I paid $40 for the desk part and $69 for the storage unit… so only two thirds of the original price.

We put them together that afternoon as it was really miserable outside and I then spent quite a few happy hours finding new homes for all the items I’d accumulated…. which was a heck of a lot more than I ever realised!!  There’s still some things to be put away and I’m sure other things will get moved around a bit too.  I also have a couple more plans for small things I want to do, mainly for ribbon storage, and I have other ideas for a later date too!  But for now, I’m the proverbial sand boy…. I’m very happy!  We still have to find a home for the cardboard boxes, I think some of them will stack neatly under the desk against the window wall, with the added bonus that I can use them for a foot rest!  The bed can still be pulled out, but obviously the storage containers would have to be moved for the duration, but as it’s only been used twice in ten years anyway, I’m really not that bothered about it at this stage.

A few more “cute” photos, or “how to waste hours and hours faffing about” photos:

The glass storage jars in the above photos are what are lurking in all those cardboard boxes in the earlier photo, they came in really handy!  I also like re-purposing other containers, such as the buttons in the Prima flower container above.  In fact, most of my storage containers are re-purposed.  I work for a very large Japanese car manufacturer and a lot of people take business trips to Japan, when they return they often bring back treats for everyone else, and they’re packaged in the most amazing paper and tin boxes, most of them are works of art in their own right, they’re really beautiful.  Nobody else wants them… so I save them from the trash and take them home.  I now have people show up at my work desk on a regular basis bearing gifts of empty boxes!  They’re wonderful for storage, I think I should show you a few in a separate post another day!

And this is the first thing I made in the new crafting space… another re-purposed item, a coffee canister that I covered in paper and added a bit of bling.  It’s going to hold my 48 count set of Fiskars pens (gel pens, glitter pens etc).

I’ve also got two smaller square containers that I’m going to re-cover in a similar way, one for pencils and the other for decorative edge scissors.  Oh I’m going to have so much fun!  You might not see me for a while.  If you don’t, you’ll know where I’ll be… sitting right there on that little black chair!