We had the most amazing weekend here in SE Michigan.  Very, very warm for the time of year and sunny too, we had a high on Saturday of 63F and an amazing high on Sunday of 67F!  In fact, it was so warm that on Sunday we went kayaking again in the morning and then broke the shorts out of hibernation in the afternoon for a spot of leaf raking and general tidying up!


Here are a few shots from the park on Sunday morning.  It truly looked like a summers day with a light mist over the water that soon burned off as the sun warmed up.  Not even ten minutes out we both had to stop to peel off layers of outside tops and we both ended up paddling in short sleeves.  Of course, you had to ignore the completely leafless trees and pretend that My Jack Frost won’t be visiting soon!







The lake was like a mill pond and so quiet, we saw only two other kayakers and one fishing boat while we were there.  I’m sure we’re done now, this wonderful weekend was just a fluke for us in November, but it was very welcome and we didn’t waste a minute of it.