Well, not exactly right here, right now, as I’m sitting at my desk at work, eating lunch and staring at a computer screen!  Rather, this lovely view is what is currently greeting me from my bathroom window!  It’s my lovely Pear tree in my back garden, and on sunny days (like Saturday was when I took these pictures) it absolutely lights up the inside of the house with it’s pinky red glow

It always holds on to it’s leaves until late in the season, just about everything else is now bare, but I see other Pears dotted around here and there in the neighbourhood and they all still have most of their leaves intact.  November has been really mild this year, we managed to get out kayaking again last Saturday, but I have no photos this time.  We’re probably about 10 degrees above average during the day at the moment, not bad at all when you consider that we had already had a little snow by this time last year.

My Norwegian Maple is also hanging on well too.  It’s starting to succumb now though, so I’m sure I’ll be spending an hour or two this coming weekend raking leaves again.  A small price to pay for such beauty in my opinion, especially when I can shred the leaves and spread them over the flower borders as fertilizer.