No, not me.  At least not yet.  There’s a new, small fridge/freezer arriving on Friday so I might have a go at filling that, but for the moment I’m quite happy to keep out of the way of all the madness going on in the shops at this time of year.  Online shopping has been my savior, I ask you, where would the world be without Amazon??

I think I’m pretty much done with the Christmas card production now…. just need to get them written and in the post, definitely running a bit late this year that’s for sure, so most likely I won’t have time to be making special cards and entering them into challenges.  Perhaps!  Just as well really as we have a couple of busy week looming ahead of us with some social obligations to meet and a party where we try to thrust my husbands wonderful hand made wares on to an unsuspecting public… I think they call it a pamper party.  It’s this Thursday night, so the production line has been producing lip balms, cremes, bath salts and sugar scrubs at a dizzying speed.  I really hope it goes well, he needs a boost.

Being British I would now like to spend the next few minutes talking about the weather, or more correctly given the time of year, the complete and utter lack of “weather” of any sort!  Snow.  It’s what most people think of when they here the words “Michigan” and “winter”, but there is no snow, and it was only just last week that the temperatures struggled to drop to  zero for the first time.  The grass is still green (unheard of).  There are still a few leaves left on trees (also unheard of).  The weathermen are making predictions of a green Christmas (unheard of too).  Hhm.  I like a White Christmas.  Last year it started snowing in the middle of November and continued until the middle of April.  Last year I had two snow days in December where I worked from home instead of digging my way out of my sub division to reach the main road.  Last year by this time we’d already had over a foot of snow.  Last year it looked like this:

Last year, if I wanted to go to work I had to dig my car out…. almost every day:

But not this year.  So far I think I’ve had to scrape the car twice, maybe three times in total, and any snowflakes spotted have dissipated before making contact with the ground, which is just as well really as they’d have only melted away!  So no snow, not sure how I feel about that really.  On the one hand it’s nice not having to get up extra early to warm up and clear off my car; it’s nice not having to waste a third of a tank of petrol warming and defrosting the car; it’s really nice not having to drive at 20 miles an hour in ruts and ice and on packed snow; it’s really nice knowing that if I make a left turn then the back end of my car will happily come along with me, not try to get there first; and I’ve managed to keep all the roadside ditches and verges parallel with my car and haven’t seen any head on… yet!  On the other hand though it’s not really feeling a lot like Christmas without a blanket of cold whiteness.  Oh the tree is up and looking lovely, most of the other decorations are also up and the pretty lights are strung up outside.  The Christmas cake is made, as is the batch of mincemeat.  I even made mince pies.  But it’s not white outside.  It’s positively green.  And I don’t like it!!

But getting back to the post title…. just who is stockpiling for winter?  This little fella is:

Spotted on the deck on Sunday, picking up the spillage from the bird feeder which normally resides in the garden, but we bring it up on to the deck every winter to make it easier for us to keep it filled up.  Normally we’d be up to our thighs in snow if we left it in it’s usual spot.  We move the birdbath on to the deck for the same reason, it’s the grey blob in the background… the wire running down the side of it is the bird bath heater which stops the water from freezing.  Not that there’s any danger of that at the minute!!  But perhaps the little Chipmunk knows something we don’t, perhaps the North wind will blow after all.

And perhaps, just maybe, we’ll be lucky enough to have another White Christmas.