Well, I guess it would have paid to have checked the weather forecast for the next few days before whinging on about our distinct lack of weather in yesterdays post.  Had I done so I wouldn’t be eating lashings of humble pie right about now, in fact, I most likely wouldn’t have made the silly post at all, I would have just shown you all some cure photos of a chipmunk and left it at that…. but no, I had to go and put my dainty size 4 1/2’s in it didn’t I??

This is a radar shot of what blew through Michigan last night, it’s currently over on the East Coast:

All that blue is snow, the darker the blue the heavier the snow.  The pink is a wintery icy sleet mix and the green is rain, again, the darker the green the heavier rain; the yellow is torrential rain and possible thunderstorms!  We got off lightly in SE Michigan with snow accumulations only around 2″ before the warm air from the South pushed the snow further North and put us firmly in the “green” section.  It poured down last night, after the snow, starting about 3am and waking us both up with it’s torrential force.  Just a little further North they got over 6″ of snow and in Northern Michigan they got out the yard sticks to measure the accumulation.  So my drive this morning was a very wet and slushy one, but fortunately not a slippery one.

I don’t know about tonight though as this is currently heading our way at great speed putting all of SE Michigan under a blizzard warning from this afternoon right through Thursday:

It’s bringing with it 1″ – 3″ of snow tonight and another 1″ – 3″ of snow tomorrow.  More worrying though are the accompanying 30mph sustained winds and the 60 mph forecasted wind gusts.  Depending how quickly the temperatures drop to -7C tonight (we’re currently sitting at 4C), we could see all the wet roads turn into ice rinks ahead of the snow… plus all the trees are soaked through by the rain so they’ll turn into ice sculptures; all of our power lines are above ground so the added weight of the iced up lines typically snaps them plunging us all into cold darkness, and if they don’t snap on their own then the weight of the water saturated iced up tree limbs will help them along as they come crashing to the ground…. and if all that fails then maybe the 60 mph gusts will finish off the job nicely!  Plus it’s going to be a bit nippy around here… it’s a wet 4C outside right now, but that will drop to -7C tonight.  Tomorrow -7C will be our high as the storm sits over us and tomorrow nights low will be -10C.  In fact, looking ahead at the 10 day extended forecast we will stay below freezing right out to December 18th, which is as far as they can predict right now.

Obviously I need to be really, really careful about what it is I wish for!