I awoke this morning a whole year older than I was yesterday.  Funny how that happens isn’t it?  Could have sworn the very same thing happened around this time last year too!

Anyway, the day was far too beautiful to pass up, so after breakfast, cards, presents and phone calls we pulled on the warm clothes and hiking boots and had ourselves the most wonderful walk over Northville Downs.  Last Thursday night we had our first proper snow fall this season when six glorious, pure, white inches fell from the sky and turned dull gray into pristine white.  This morning it was cold, but with a stunning blue sky and a warming sun.  Blue skies in January are rather rare in this part of the world, a blue sky on your birthday that also fell on a weekend, well, that was just  rather special.

It was rather chilly (-10C) so we wrapped up well with hats, gloves, scarves, and more layers than you could shake a stick at.  Even the little trail markers were wearing their hats!

Can you see any wrinkles?  Are there any more grey hairs??  Do I look any older!!!?

The snow had arrived without the hint of a breeze and had adhered itself to the trees and branches like little dry puffs of cotton wool.  It was very photogenic so grab a cuppa, you might be here a while!

We usually cross country ski here, and will do again soon, but I really wanted to walk today so we’ll head out tomorrow with the skis instead.  Quite a few of these tracks here have been made by skiers, the snow is perfect for it, wonderful and fluffy, not hard and crusty!

We found the most amazing conifer, a Spruce I think, that was such a perfect Christmas Tree shape, it even came ready decorated with beautiful little crystal icicles hanging off its branches.

Hmm, is she a Hobbit, or are they really tall reeds??

It wasn’t all quiet reflection and birdsong though…. this was the scene just across the road.  A little hill with the snow packed solid and a layer of ice on it from all the sledders, was heaving with people.  We could here the whoops and the screams from the far end of the woods, it sounded like joy, exhilaration and pure fear in equal measure!  But it’s great to see families out together enjoying the snow and the sunny day.

Wind patterns in the snow.  Very beautiful.  Just like my amazing blue sky birthday.