For sure Winter takes a lot away from us… our freedom is perhaps the biggest one, especially for folks not used to a lot of Winter who have been on the receiving end of some pretty bad weather for weeks now.  Coupled with the grey, short days, antsy kids, worrying journeys in ice and snow and the pure frustration and futility of it all, well, it can get us all down a bit can’t it?

But sometimes Winter is very generous too, giving us stunning vista’s to appreciate, freezing the ground solid so we can walk in places we wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.  It brings, beautiful but hungry, wild birds into our garden and lives, it gives us a reason to make warming soups and stews, comfort bake and snuggle on the sofa with a hot chocolate without feeling guilty that we should be doing something else.

I like Winter.  If it wasn’t for Winter I wouldn’t have been walking across a usually boggy and swampy meadow last weekend, I would have had to stick to the path on higher ground…. and I would have missed these beautiful Teasel’s with their little snowy hats.  And so would you.






Just plain beautiful.  For all that Winter takes away, it also reveals, you just have to look.