Ooh it’s Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday! Almost missed posting this… had Monday off work for a long weekend and thought today was Tuesday!  Well, after my efforts in this category last week, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to mend my ways if I want to hang with this crowd, tough love indeed.  Or perhaps I can be a shining beacon of light in an otherwise dark, messy and cluttered world! Lol, didn’t think so!   I have a number of photos to share with you today, mainly because I spent my three day weekend doing some crafting at some point during the day… and to add insult to injury, I also CLEAN UP in between each project!!  Sorry, I just do!!!  Although I have to admit that occasionally I pick something up that’s still on my desk from another project and realize it will fit in brilliantly with what I’m currently doing, I do know that sometimes I’m just too darn tidy for my own good and a little creative clutter can be a good thing.  I’ll work on it.  Promise!

First of all though is this pic of my desk from last Thursday night after spending my Birthday money in Michaels and Archivers…. lots of lovely new stash, now mostly put away so I can start crafting.

All items on sale or clearance,  the bargain of the century was the sets of Momento inks on clearance for $4.50 each!  After I picked myself up off the floor I grabbed all three colour sets available.

Here’s the desk on Sunday when I was busy making cards for a Penny Black challenge and also a sketch challenge, both using the PB blue stickers in the above photo.  Messier than usual for me (see, I’m trying!), but that was mainly because I pulled all my DP out to get into the 12 x 12 box….. and then decided to create my own background instead!  I love my desk system and storage shelves that I got from Ikea, but the only thing that’s not working for me is the storage of the design paper.  Need to think about that.  How do you all store your DP?  Anyone have any tips to share?

Do you notice how I store my Memento Dew Drop inks???  Yep, an old pasta storage jar that we no longer use!  Might have to dig out the bigger one and use that, this one’s rather full now after that little trip to Archivers.

Usual suspects, messy for me but still quite clear!  Bit of embossing was going on here for a card that’s on my mat, but I never used it, ended up using ribbon and a button instead.

Messy, messy, messy!  It’s making my toes curl just looking at this piccy again!  That sketch was for my next project, must remember to enter my card into the challenge…. wouldn’t be the first time I’ve forgotten to do just that! 12 x 12 DP that I pulled out and didn’t use, and the stamps that I ended up using for the background instead.

And again on Monday, after it’s tidy up….. I started on the next project, a sweet little set of three cupcake cards that I’ll post to my blog in a day or two, they were in progress at this point, now all finished.

Quite a lot going on here…… there’s one of my ribbon storage whatsits made by my husband, I have six of these.  The inks are still there on the right, along with the usual glue tape and  scissors.  By the window are the flower sprays I got on clearance, left them on my desk for a bit of colour…..  to their left are some tubs of eyelets , left again is a little cup (Crocus pattern, bet you’ve ALL got some of these lurking at the back of your kitchen cupboards!), I had initially water coloured the cupcake wrappers but then went over them with Whispers pens because they weren’t bold enough.  Ooh, and what’s that I spy front left?  More new stash perhaps??  JoAnns had Cuttlebug stuff on sale so I got four more embossing folders for $2.99 each, and I’ve loved that DCWV Citrus paper for a long time and it was finally on sale too……… I think I’m all spent out now, having traded a $20 Amazon voucher I had with hubby so I could use the money at JoAnns instead!

And that’s me for today, feel free to have a nose.  I’m off to put on the rubber gloves and come and visit some of you!  Might even bring my mop and bucket too.