My husband thinks this whole stamping/crafting malarky is getting seriously out of control.  He thinks I’m addicted!  Silly boy….. as if!!  He points to the recent Christmas along with my even more recent birthday, as perfect examples….. apparently my Christmas wish list contained nothing but crafty items (and what’s wrong with that?); this year for the first time, I spent all my combined Christmas/birthday money from parents and inlaws on more crafty items (it’s my money, I’ll spend it how I want!); my “treat” to myself was a few more small crafty items in a sale before Christmas (I work hard in a demanding and stressful job, I deserve a little treat don’t I?!);  he wanted to take me clothes shopping (what, you don’t like the rags on my back??) but I refused; he wanted me to get a new pair of winter boots (why?, my old ones haven’t fallen apart yet!) but again I said thank you, but no thank you…… sheesh!  Addicted indeed.  Whatever is the world coming too when a girl can’t get out of bed at 2 in the morning to write down an idea for a new card without being accused of being a little OTT???

So back to the new crafty stash.  I got some new things…. actually I got a lot of new things, but I’m a very savvy shopper and never leave home without my wish list and my coupons.  I got some great deals though, have a look at this little lot:

Everything you see here was either on sale at JoAnns for 40% off, or was on clearance at Michaels for 50% off!

A much longed for Scorpal, and a little Scorbug.  I love them, such fantastic tools.

An LED lamp so I can finally see what I’m doing!  Not on sale sadly as it was bought at Target, but it’s great, with a really bright clear light.

And finally, a large, deep box to store all my Christmas stamps in as they were a bit scattered about.  I have another box like this, but in a different style, to store my regular stamps in…. I might be needing another one soon.

And so we move on to the Birthday stash!  From Andrew…. a Cuttlebug embossing and die-cutting machine (50% off at Michaels), along with a couple of embossing folders…

And with Birthday money from parents and inlaws again, I had myself a little trawl round Archivers last Wednesday night.  I don’t usually shop in Archivers, out of the three craft stores close to me they are the most expensive, but they also have some great lines that I can’t get anywhere else, they also have a good Hot Spot clearance center, where everything is $1.99, so I have a little browse every once in a while, and boy, did I hit the jackpot?  Oh!  And I’d also visited Michaels again on my lunch break!

I almost fell over when I saw these Memento ink sets for half price at $4.50 a set, so I got all three available.  The white flowers in the package were from Michaels on clearance for $2.99 in the Bridal section.

And Hero Arts stamps at 25% off too…. Kath, are you reading this? The Inkadinkadoo birdhouse was the only thing I paid full price for cos I’m a sucker for that brand, also in there is a little $1 stamp from Michaels.  The buttons, glittered brads and citrus rub ons were all Hot Spot finds, and the two inkpads were freebies from the store for buying two regular (not on sale or clearance) priced stamps.  Hovering in the background on the right is a pack of textured card.

More stamps… Stampology at 50% off!  A PB clear set that I used a 30% coupon on, the STAMP Celtic stamps was 40% off in Michaels and the Scrappy Cat Christmas stamp was in the Hot Spot for $1.99.  And two more tubes of Stickles.

Little bunches of flowers in the Bridal section at Michaels on clearance for 99c each!  Lovely packing tape that won’t be used for parcels was $1 a roll, also at Michaels.

Penny Black stickers, love ’em, they make fantastic images for cards with a little embellishing.  Two of the blue/gold stickers have already been made into cards.

And finally, I had a $20 voucher for Amazon and had intended to get some more Cuttlebug folders but I was shocked that they wanted $11 for them!  They’re normally around $5 or $6 and JoAnns had them on sale for $2.99!  So I traded the voucher with Andrew and ran up to JoAnns with $20 clutched in my sticky mitts and got this little lot, on the left in this photos:

Four Cuttlebug embossing folders and DCWV Citrus paper pack that I’ve been eying up for a while too, it was also on sale.

So I suppose the most pressing question now is “Am I on a stash diet for 2010″….. well, if you consider that technically I didn’t actually pay for any of this as it was all Christmas/Birthday gifts, then the short answer would be ……. ?????!!!