Another week, another WOYWW…. bad photo’s this time, taken with the flash as there’ll be no daylight for me until next Saturday, get up in the dark, come home in the dark!  Roll on Spring and lighter evenings, that’s all I can say.

Precious little crafting has been going on this week, some times there are just not enough hours in the day, especially when I’m out of the house for 10 of them Monday – Friday.  Still, I’m generally of the “galss is half full” type so I try not to let things bother me too much.  On the desk this week was my Penny Black challenge card, and I’d been quite busy water colouring my image with inks and a Zig water pen, hence this photo with just about every ink pad I own out and on the desk somewhere!!  I have a hard time deciding which colours to use and I have to bear in mind that watercoloured images don’t come out as bright and deep as the ink colour itself, so sometimes it’s a bit of trial and error.  There’s a little bag of Rhonna Farrer buttons sitting there too, just waiting for me to pick a few out.  I love buttons.  I love buttons almost as much as I love ribbon…. and buttons threaded with ribbon floats my boat every time!

There’s also a nice big mug of tea sitting there right in front, in the orange cup, and right behind it is the little cup with water in it for dipping my pen into in between colours….. the trick with water colouring whilst tea drinking is to remember which mug you’re drinking from and which mug is for pen cleaning!  I discovered that I haven’t quite mastered this little trick yet (yuk!), so in future the tea will be on the left and the water cup on the right, as I’m right handed, hopefully it will be easier to control where that inky pen is going!

This was the little image I was colouring in and I was quite happy with how it came out, apart from the little mouse second from the left….. looks more like a bear cub than a mouse!!  Oh well, practise makes perfect I suppose.  Naff photo though, hate using the flash!  This card is now finished and posted to the Penny Black challenge yesterday, but I’ve asked hubby to take some better photos of it today in the daylight for me, they really are bad!

That’s me for this week…. off to have a nose around.