I’ve been very remiss lately, lax too… possibly even lazy, as I haven’t been anywhere near my craft room in a week!  Haven’t made a card, haven’t entered a challenge, have done diddly squat really.  But that’s ok, we all have “diddly squat” weeks here and there.  At least I hope we all do!  So truthfully, I have no idea What’s On My Workdesk, none whatsoever.  I don’t even recall if I tided it up before I shut the door on it last week!

This has been me most days after work….. comfy pj’s on, feet up, reclining on the sofa!  There is something new on the needles though, so not a completely barren week.  I relearned to knit at the tail end of last year, something I haven’t done since I was a wee one, so I’m now knee deep in knitting dishcloths!  Don’t laugh, there’s method to my madness!  I like them because, they’re easy, I can start and finish one quickly so no UFO’s lying around, I get a lot of practise with different patterns and they’re actually useful and have almost replaced paper towels in my house, and I feel good about that.

Another benefit of this recumbent position on the sofa in my family room, is the lovely, warming, roaring fire keeping us nice and toasty and the tv in the corner keeping us entertained… this week we’ve been watching the amazing and talented Mr David Gilmour “Live From The Albert Hall” which was recorded in 2006 with a few special guests, some more special than others…. David Bowie no less!  We’ve also been watching a few episodes of the BBC’s Planet Earth series from a few years back, which if you’ve never seen it, is nothing short of phenomenal.  And in between all that, if I felt like a bit of mental stimulation I’ve hopped on to the laptop and have got back in to my genealogy research, a very absorbing hobby.  I’ve had my little nose stuck in to the Coastguard Records from 1818 to 1890 following my husbands family around the country, very interesting stuff, even if the writing is hard to decipher at times!

So, roaring fires, good tv, comfy sofa, pj’s, hot chocolate, knitting and hanging out with my ancestors again has been the long and short of it this week, and I’ve enjoyed every minute if it.  If you want to see what other folks have been up to and what projects they’re currently immersed in, hop on over to Julia’s blog and leave her a link on her WOYWW post, then we can all come and visit you for a good nosy round!