Just a quick post today to show you the beauty of my amarylis in almost full flower, it was really making me smile this past weekend. As was all that glorious sunshine pouring in through the windows, it’s been a while I can tell you, although at -6C with a vicious wind blowing, it was far too cold to actually do anything with it, but it was very nice to look at from the warm comfort of home.

We’re now also under a Winter Weather Watch for Tuesday and Wednesday as it looks very much like a winter storm is headed our way. Not as bad as the whopper that hammered the Eastern seaboard states this past weekend dropping 24″ to 40″ of snow in one storm!, but it’s still shaping up to be in the 6″ – 10″ range. I’ll definitely make sure that I take my laptop home with me for Wednesday, which is looking like the worst day so far. No point in risking life and limb when I can do it all from home quite happily, as long as we have power that is!  Might even be able to work on my Penny Black Challenge card if I’m lucky!!