Ooh what a busy weekend, I think I’ve come back to work today for a rest!  Twas my own fault though, after that lovely fresh snowfall last Tuesday and Wednesday we decided to make the most of it by getting out cross country skiing both days….. and that was after I woke up Saturday morning with a slightly sore throat and a “fragile” feeling.  I don’t feel fragile any more, I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus!

It was a great excuse to sit quietly in my crafty room and have some fun though, so I grabbed that opportunity with both hands and ran with it, managing to fit in a “little” crafting time Friday night and both weekend days too.  This was the first of my creations, using an Inkadinkadoo clear set called Boxed Sentiments, I didn’t have any real plan when I started this (shows doesn’t it!), but I really liked the butterfly sentiment from this set and paired it with a clear Hero Arts butterfly set that I’ve had for ages and never used.  The colours sort of picked themselves after I’d chosen the blue card, so I went with a lighter feminine feel of blue and purple.  I like the way it turned out in the end, and so did Andrew, as he snagged it to give to a friend, who we just learned has a birthday later this week.

I stamped the background flourish with the Versamark ink again and then over stamped the butterfly, finding out too late that wherever the second stamp/ink combo touched the Versamarked image it would end up being a slightly different colour.  I had no idea it would do that.  Have a look at some of the background butterflies to see what I mean.

And just have a look at these beauties.  We don’t usually “do” Valentines in our house, bit of a Hallmark Holiday in our minds.  So instead, we went out to a little diner for breakfast.  Afterwards we called in to a local shop and picked up some groceries on the way back home, our friend, and the recipient of this card works here a few days a week so we stopped for a chat.  She told us on the quiet that if we could arrange our basket so that we only spent between $14 and $14.99 in the store we would receive a rather lovely gift!  We actually only needed a few things anyway and judiciously managed to arrange our basket to come in between the magic figures……. and we were presented with this lovely bouquet of two dozen roses!  The store had obviously bought in extra for Valentines Day and had quite a few left, so had come up with this scheme to present a few people with the over stock!  If it wasn’t for our friend we wouldn’t have known.

Photo doesn’t do them justice, but using the flash just bleached themt out, so this is the best compromise.  They’re very pretty, and of course, things are usually so much the better when you’re not expecting them at all, aren’t they?  Like this new stash!  Ahem!  Yes, well, what can I say??  I haven’t actually been in a craft store since January and we only went because Andrew wanted to look at some things!  So while he was  “looking at some things” I wandered over to the papercrafts area to find a few nice things on clearance, including this Inkadinkadoo wood mounted stamp for $1.97!  I was also reminded that my glue pen is almost done, and adhesives were 25% off, so I picked up a new one…. and then Andrew declared that they didn’t have what he was looking for, so I handed him a 40% coupon,  gave him a Cuttlebug embossing folder and sent him to a till while I paid for my stuff.  I also discovered I had clipped a coupon for an additional 10% off everything and had it rattling around in my bag, so I saved even more money!  I got these three things for less than $9 (five quid).

After the X country ski jaunt I went to get the post from the mailbox and discovered my latest edition of PaperCrafts magazine that I have a subscription to, and a parcel from dear old Blighty from my Mam!  Inside was a home knitted tea cosy, a stencil and some stamps that were freebies on an English crafting magazine! And if the tea cosy didn’t have holes either side for the spout and the handle then I’d be claiming it as a hat as the colours are lovely!

And when I called her on Sunday to say thanks and let her know the parecel arrived, she said “Which one?”, apparantly there’s another one on the way too containing more stamps, but it worked out cheaper to post two small parcels instead of one big one!  So I have that to look forward too.  So despite feeling like I’ve been run over by a bus, I had a really brilliant weekend!  Hope your’s was good too.