Another Wednesday week after another fun crafting weekend.  I actually only made two cards this weekend, but one of them took me the best part of two days!  It’s for Andrew’s birthday, and he better like it, he has an awful habit of rolling his eyes at my cards!!  If he does it this time he’ll be seeing stars I can tell you!!

So here’s my desk this week, and a little peak at some more of my stash/room:

This was the birthday card as a WIP….. obviously required lots of tea!  I ended up colouring it with pencils after originally planning to water colour it,  it took a looong time!

This is what’s under my desk… from top left cube, a Xyron adhesive machine, a box of brads, a tin of Christmas embellisments, two 12 x 12 stacks of Christmas paper; bottom left is a large box with Christmas stamps in;   top right are four tins (only two in pic), you see these tins on my desk a lot, one has glitter and glitter glues in it, another has embossing powders, another has clear stamping blocks and the final one holds my Cuttlebug plates and folders.  Bottom right are my Scor-pal, Fiskars paper trimmer and the Cuttlebug.  I’ve kept the Scor-pal packaging for now, and behind that is a Fiskars Shape Boss dry embossing system which I hate!

And this is what’s behind me, a nice cozy sofa where I can put my feet up and drink my coffee and dream up new designs for cards!  Haven’t sat on it yet!!!

And what’s this??  Another work table has appeared in the room, but this can’t be classed as What’s On My Work Desk Wednesday, more like WHO Has Moved Into My Craft Room!  Yep, Andrew has been getting a little lonely lately, so this portable table appeared in the crafting space!  It’s been very different having someone else in the room I have to say…. he’s a heavy breather, especially when he’s concentrating on something; he has different music tastes to me and keeps asking me to skip a track or two on my Ipod; and then last week, just as I was about to place a sentiment stamp on my card, he dropped a set of pliers with a hell of a clatter!  I nearly jumped out of my skin and only just managed to hang on to the inked stamp!  It’s been a bit of a challenge this sharing of a crafty space, but there’s also something rather sweet about it!

These are the kind of things he makes, along with some jewelry too.  I keep telling him to try and find an outlet somewhere local as I’m sure he could sell them.  What do you think?

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