Paula has a thing going over at The Paper Playground where she intends to show you every Saturday whatever new stash she acquired during the week, so I thought I’d show what I got last week too.  I don’t always get new stuff every week (really!!), and what I did get was padded out somewhat by the arrival of the second parcel my Mam sent me, 11 days after the first one arrived, yet they were only posted a day apart!  I was beginning to think that it had got lost and I was going to have to call her up and tell her they hadn’t arrived when thankfully, they turned up.

If you read yesterdays post then you’ll know that we had pretty horrendous weather here in Michigan last week so I ended up working through most of my lunch breaks to make up for getting to work late almost every day because of the state of the roads.  Normally one day a week, either a Thursday or a Friday, I’ll go to a local craft store during lunch with my 40% off coupon and see what goodies I can plunder.  I always get something small, a clear set of stamps perhaps or a bottle of Prima’s… if I have a 50% off coupon them I’ll splash out on a Martha punch or something similar.  The smaller it is the easier it is to sneak it up to my craft room when I get home!!  But I hadn’t been, it really wasn’t worth the slippery, slidey journey to get there and back, so I was looking at a bit of a barren week stash wise, then on Friday afternoon Andrew called me and asked would I go to the grocery store on my way home and get him something….. so I decided to go to the mega-store-sells-a-bit-of-everything-store and not just the normal grocery store, and then hopped over to the craft aisle quickly.  They seem to have picked up on the phenomonen that is My Holtz and they had quite a few of his things which surprised me, so I got a three pack of Stickles really cheap and then a little Rhonna Farrer clear stamp.  And on the way to the checkout the latest edition of Stamp It! magazine accosted me and fell in to the basket too!!

So here we go then, very artistically arranged if I do say so!:

At the top are the six wood stamps and the four pigment inks from the parcel, plus the three Stickls and the little stamp, and obviously, they’re all sitting on the magazine.  Interesting huh??!  Lord, the things we do for a blog post!!!  Catch you tomorrow, with a card!