It’s the middle of the week and that can only mean one thing…. all together now “What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday”! We all get to show our desks today, and whatever crafty creations we’re currently working on, and all of our mess, and the best bit, we show the world our stash.  So here’s my desk this week, knee deep in Christmas cards!  Well, it’s never too early to start is it?  Or perhaps I’m running late, perhaps some poor soul out there is wondering why I didn’t send them a card last Christmas!  This is my view out of the craft room window right now though, must be what’s put me in the Christmassy mood!

Still, back to my desk and I was busy making a pink Christmas card for a challenge using a sketch from another challenge so I got two birds with one stone with that one.  My Martha snowflake punches were working OT and I was helped along by a rather big mug of fresh coffee that I’d just made in the French Press…. there were biscuits too, but I’m afraid I scoffed them before the coffee had cooled down enough to drink!

And remember that extra table from last week??  I discovered that  if I pushed all of *his* stuff to one side and pulled it closer to me I could utilize the work surface too!  Yay!  That’s my other big stamp box, the one that holds all the Christmas stamps….

Here’s a peak inside, it’s getting a tad full!

After I made and posted the pink Christmas card I decided to make a couple more in different colours, blue and green,  this was after making my Penny Black challenge card and a birthday card too….

I love all these snowflake stamps, I bought most of them (clear sets) in the clearance event after Christmas so this was the first time I pulled them out… I have to say, I was a little taken aback by the way one of them looks!  Can you spot the one I mean?  Remind you of anything femaley????!!!!


Edit:  I edited the photo… look bottom left, where the black line is!!  Looks like 80 yr old dangly bits to me!!!  Do you think people will freak out if I send them Christmas cards with 80 yr old dangly bits on them!!!


Oh, and one last thing…. my boy Andrew, wanted me to thank you all about the lovely comments he received about his window stars, he now keeps trying to arrange other items he makes surreptitiously on my desk in readiness for my Wednesday photos!!  He’s too funny, but I have looked into Etsy for him and I think their charges are very reasonable, so he’s going to have a look too and see what he thinks.  Thanks for all the encouragement!