Yesterday was a beautiful day, hardly a cloud in the sky and a balmy 6C.  It was too nice a day not to do anything with, but a late night out with friends on the Saturday put paid to our enthusiasm on Sunday I’m ashamed to say!  So I crafted.  Andrew finished off one project in the basement and then joined me in the craft room making wire wrapped (brass) glass candle holders, until it was time for lunch.  Our deck at the back is really quite sheltered, and the sun over the last few days has melted a good portion of the snow in one area, so while Andrew volunteered to make cheese and ham toasties I got a shovel from the garage and dug out a path from the patio doors which were still in shade, to the sunny bit of decking.  After grabbing a couple of chair cushions from the basement to sit on we settled ourselves down for a lovely lunch in the sun, but staring right at the bank of snow still on the deck just in front of us!

I had on a pair of jeans and a polo neck and as it was surprisingly warm I rolled down the neck part and rolled up the sleeves.  My sun worshiping husband went one step further and took his top off!  And if that wasn’t enough he decided he was still too warm and took his jeans off too!  So there we sat, in March, on a snow covered deck, eating our lunch, with my husband wearing nothing but a pair of underpants.  Mad dogs and Englishmen?  I think so!  Today (Monday) will be even warmer at 11C, tomorrow will be 12C and still sunny.  And I know exactly where my house husband is going to be right around lunch time, possibly even at coffee time too… and I know what he’ll be wearing too, or rather, what he won’t be wearing!

So here’s a little visual of yesterday afternoon, but don’t worry, I won’t show you too much!  Don’t want you to run screaming now do we??  This is sunbathing Michigan style!